Twins are lucky to be two since their birth. They come to the world with this ideal companion that everyone’s looking for, blessed by another person who’ll always be at their side. They are a couple, perhaps an excessive one, whose vocation is eternal love. But what happens when the border between the pairs disappears and only a common identity remains ? Together they are a self-sustaining entity thanks to their reciprocal and strong love. So strong that it becomes harmful. As halves, they envy those who are only one.
Freedom is the keyword. How can you feel free and be yourself, when you’re compared to your twin daily, and considered as a group?
We become twins by the judgement of the others. Each couple of twins is unique, as each twin in a couple is unique.
Shall we keep on living as a couple in an almost symbiotic confinement? Or shall we integrate the environment as any singleton? Is a choice necessary? After all, do we really want to go from « we » to « I »? The thing is not to consider the other as a limit but as an opportunity. To draw strength from duality.

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