Come closer, scrutinize, feel. 

Bis- is an invitation for your imagination.

The negative image is a mysterious genesis. It is the start of numerous interpretations but, generally, never kept in its original form. I use the essence of the photograph to create unique diptychs. The negative is used without intervention, in its pureness form, complete with its flaws to reveal hidden secrets. 

Emotions have two faces; in this piece I am encouraging the viewer to live a double experience. The techniques I am using compliment each other. On the one side, the lightness of beetroot anthotypes, ephemeral and fragile, they are as delicate as a breath. On the other side, the darkness of tintypes, enduring and mysterious, they are a call for distant memories. The images are displayed facing each other as through reflected in a mirror and question: Have you ever felt trapped in conflicting emotional states? Should you make a choice in relation to the emotional ambivalence? The realm of emotions is a riddle, changeable and volatile, like ancient photographic processes.



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